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TDL's History on Graal
Far far far in the past...

Trying to tell the history of The Dark Legion is a very very diffcult task... it is a very long and interesting history... Therefore I will do my best, but what I tell you now will be nothing more than a generalized version. I am sorry but if I went into too much detail we would never get done xD

TDL was started on an old old server called Graal 3000 by a little noob called Fire Hawk (me) after my first guild PBG (Psycho Biker Gang) got really boring, initially we were a server-side guild and full of noobs except for a select few.. This mainly due to me not being that good back then :D BTK and the other major guilds didn't make it easy on us, but I started getting better and recruiting better members. Also, the staff were approachable and I got to know all of them, including the Co-Manager, very well. I had been working on a guild house for about a month, and back then rules were alot less strict on most servers regarding player houses... especially on G3K :p So I got them to upload TDL's first guildhouse, and it was awesome!
We started getting stronger and stronger on G3K, BTK started having to earn their kills... and me and Lady Zero got alot less hostile towards each other, eventually we became friends.
Then G3K started falling apart, sometimes it was offline for days, other times haxxors were messing up everything... Staff was also screwing up the server, and so the ultimate conclusion was that one day G3K dissapeared from the player list, and never came back

TDL never recovered, we tried starting up on Delteria but it just didn't work out... this was before there was p2p, accounts were free and so I just stopped playing graal for a long while... I helped JBot (Josey) make a server and I was gonna dedicate my area to TDL xD Would have been awesome but some stuff happened to him in rl and it was never finished, then my half was lost in a harddrive crash :(

TDL's re-emergence on UN!

This is a very large jump in time, because years had passed and now everything was p2p... and all the people who Hawk knew were gone long ago, except a few like Hardkore etc...
Originally I had decided to come back to graal for the heck of it, I had a job and was makin good cash so I bought a p2p and started playin Era. I played that for a couple months but got bored with it soon as it was reset (stupid Chrisz) and decided I would give UN a try... Its a good thing I did xD By the time I had 15 hours I already had 10 players walking around with {TDL} tags on, it started with me mining and some noob stealin rocks... but then this guy called Just Blaze joined in and helped me trash talk the nub into leavin. I asked if he wanted to help me start my guild and he said sure.. then sometime later I met effigy, who introduced into TDL Lady Death (this is his most noteworthy act), and we still didn't have our server tags even.
With only around 10 members in your guild-that-doesn't-exist-yet, you get bored quickly.. so I got in a habit of pking... ALOT. I got to know all the good pkers/sparers on UN either as friends or enemies... alot of enemies at first.
And the more I pked and sparred these ppl the better I got at killin.. and Trent became my permenent residence.
There was this other freaky lookin guy that pked there alot too, and surprisingly the first time we coincided at the Trent spawn point we didn't kill each other (this is rare, pkers usually fight for nubs hehe)... if you haven't guessed yet it was Under :p Yeah, he was far better than me at the time (haha, AT THE TIME, not anymore so there :p) and I was still tryin to get TDL server tags, so we usually would put on DJ tags and go kill noobs for hours. It was awesome xD During our many pking adventures we also picked up a shadow called shadow dave, to this day we have no idea where he came from or how we met him but that guy was always hangin out with us lmao...

Finally Okilian announced that a new GA (Guild Admin) would be hired and Dark Cloud got it, so I submitted the guild instantly and got our tags xD At first Under wasn't in, but in a week or so we finally got him to join up and he started off as a Bodygaurd. We kept gaining members, growing stronger, killing, etc..
Then one day Cojiro, one of the founding members, started a global guild called Night Wolves.. HE HAD STARTED A GLOBAL GUILD!! I was like WTF MAN, I thought global was still disabled! But no, they had FINALLY allowed global guilds to be created again, but the catch was you needed a VIP membership to start em ;)
That didn't bug me at all, I went right away and got VIP and started global TDL... instantly we started growing, it took a couple days for all the old members to join TDL global and a couple days after that to get out of pending and delete the server-side TDL... but we were global, and I had no intention of allowing TDL to die again.

TDL's adversity

The first few months were hell, we were simply viewed as another noob guild like all the rest. We especially took flak because we are different, for not accepting multiguilding, for standing up to authority, for not taking the shit other people take, for being united, for being strong, and for not dying. The Legion was on UN, and the oldbies hated it. Hawk, Under, and several other TDL were jailed on regular occasions for charges ranking anywhere from 'sparpking' to 'harrassment', most of which were false and unjust. Staff didn't like TDL so our evidence was never adequate, but the word of our accuser was incarnate and infallible.
Eventually Under was banned for 8 weeks. The charge? Making racial comments to NJ x.x Through talks Hawk was able to convince NJ to reduce the sentance to 3 weeks, but it was still a brutal low blow. TDL survived while Under was stuck in jail, and we owned on a few other servers to pass the time. Then soon as Under got out, first day unbanned, he and Hawk were in Conner pkin the shiznit out of Kurse and his @$$ buds. Then they make racial slurs so Hawk and Under say they will report them, we even had a screenie =o But then Kurse pauses saying 'jus a sec afk' and 5 seconds later BOOM Hawk and Under are in jail. Yeah, jailed for 'sparpking', guess who was the witness? Thats right, Kurse =p The guy we reported for using racial slurs goes and claims we sparpked over 30 minutes ago. His word was enough, even though we had 4 screenshots along with staff witnesses and many other forms of evidence supporting our innocence, Spryte ignored it all, NJ ignored it all, Okilian ignored it all.

We got out, TDL doesn't lose to people, we merely allow you to believe you have won for the moment. You can jail us, but we WILL get you for it. Its only a question of when and where.

Since then TDL has faced alot of challenges, alot of adversity, and alot of trash talk. However through it all we have remained strong, united, and in the top scores. We will not dissapear again, the Legion lives as a global guild now, graal has no hope.

TDL Sleeps

After many many months of constant war, constant dominance, constant hate, TDL hit a point where we decided 'heck with it, this is getting boring'. This general attitude was fought at first, as oldbies began to lose activity, began to run into other things in real life that caused us to become less lethal.

Finally the leadership of TDL all agreed we'd let TDL 'sleep' until UN was interesting again, until there was some challenge presented, until there was some reason for TDL to return in force.

So we slept.

For months TDL stayed on minimum members, just above 10 active, all the leadership. Most of our new entries of the last few months were booted and purged, we still watched, we still knew who betrayed us, we may be sleeping but we still weren't to be made fools of.

During this sleep time TDL would occasionally go online with several of the council, just to 'test the waters' and have some good old pk fun. Dominating a Castle War here or there, or taking over a pk arena, occasionally recruiting a member here or there to fill in a spot that was opened due to inactivity.

It was in this way that TDL maintained its strength, hidden away but far from weak, far from dead. Many made the mistaken assumption the Legion had died, many believed we had slipped away into the nether regions of the 'old guilds'. It was not so.

Hawk returned from the oil rigs, his life finally put in order. What he returned to find disturbed him. The noobs had forgotten TDL, the oldbies openly respected us rather than hating and fearing us. UN had still no challenge, but this could not be left unchecked.

With Under Da Influence backing him up, Hawk raised the Legion, calling forth oldbies that had long since departed our ranks, calling up long-dead allies and friends, joining again under the banner of the legion.

With a swiftness that took UN by complete shock TDL blasted back into the world, a force of pure dominance, pure hatred, pure disdain that none could imagine. We had been almost completely dead a day before. We had warned them, we had told them we were merely sleeping. Oh how the unbelievers would pay.

We dominated UN utterly, with the aid of long-lost allies and friends that swelled our initial ranks we paid back long-due grudges, destroyed those that disrespected us, obliterated any notion that a guild existed on the planet capable of holding us in check, and quickly regained our position of hatred and fear that we so long for.

Together with the original members of the council, Under and Hawk continue even to this day on this next chronicle of the Legion. Will we stay awake? Will we continue to rape a dead world? Only time will tell.

Tales tell of a land that may come, with the name of Faded Nation, promising a totally new land more glorious than any TDL had ever dominated before. Perhaps when this new land is found, TDL will find a new, and finally permanent, home.

Till then, UN, and all the noobs of graal will have to live with a bored and unchallenged legion, and thats a very bad thing indeed ;)

GP's may jail us, they may ban us, we may be sparpked, we may be abused in every way possible, but they cannot kill the legion. That fact alone gives us our power, and that fact alone gives us our victory before the battle is even begun.

"Don't mess with us, join us..."

"As it has been, so shall it always be"

- Chronicles of the Legion

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