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TDL's Latest News

Poster: Hawk
Rank: Chief Assassin
Date: May 17, 2009

Alright, so it's been a long time since I've posted news but that is mainly due to my own inactivity.

I just got FawcettSoftware back online which means TDL's site is also now back online after a very long break. There are some pictures missing from the archives and I have no idea where they went, we should start repopulating what we can so if you have old backup images that you know are missing please send them to

As for the guild, UDI is reconciled and part of us once again. We aren't the most active these days but my two younger brothers are trying to change that along with some of the hardcore oldbies! Look for them online, they will be wearing their tags and usually can be found in TCPK or the TC spar.

-=! TDL4Life !=-

Poster: Hawk
Rank: Chief Assassin
Date: April 3, 2008

The Legion has been betrayed, by our closest most trusted member. Under Da Influence, enraged/hurt/whatever by Ludacris's accusations, took out the whole guild before himself. This left us in suspension, and unable to even use our tags.

To add insult to injury, he claimed 'long live the legion' in his self-removal comments. But then he joined our ancient foes, BTK. How ironic, the one who was once a rebel, was once harrassing staff, harrassing dread, harrassing BTK. Is now one and the same with them (at least, according to some people. I have yet to talk with UDI).

The Assassins Council has been populated with the oldbies, and will never again be under a single leader. The council will be in power of all matters, this cannot be allowed to happen again. Until this situation is resolved TDL is in a 'resting' state, we will only keep a minimal number of members and try our best to work out our internal troubles.

This is a very dark day for the legion, a sad day, but we will get through it. You can't stop the legion.

Don't mess with us, join us. Long live the legion!

Poster: Hawk
Rank: Chief Assassin
Date: February 2, 2006

It is time for TDL to come back.

I call for all legionaires, both old and new, to return to the ways of the legion. To help us once again cause noobs to hide in no-pk zones for fear of us, to be jailed for ownin every bloody noob that some retarded manager chooses to hire as a GP/GP Chief, and to be so damnable good at war that we can count the guilds who dare challenge us on one hand... if that.

It is time to become hated again my fellow legionaires, UN has forgiven us and that should not be tolerated >=D

As it has been so shall it always be, thus says the chronicles of the Legion, and thus it shall be.


The Dark Legion Is Now Online...
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: October 24, 2005

Everybody that has GOLD or VIP will be able to access the server. Everyone else will just show up as a ghost. The server is named The Dark Legion Online for now. If you haven't checked it out get your ass on there ;)

Server is near....
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: March 12, 2005

Anyday now guys, should be soon. Please all of you check my latest post in the guild CP forums. Read the thread and you will know where to find me.

TDL Takes Ex-TDL Nub Pet Hostage!
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: February 24, 2005

Just a little war update. LOL We all hanging out in the guild house when these noobs with Fisher tag just come a wandering in. We start a game of kill the nub when well the high ap just got a bit dull, so we all agreed to take it to clevs! Results in the screenie sections, also check out some of Skullz new screenies LMFAO.

Yes we all know Magno, the luvable spar obsessed little graalian who throws a temper tantrum each time he loses a spar. So he does what any other noobie cry baby does, tries to spar pk u just as u pwn him. Pwners beware when this kid spars, watch your back, once you beat him lol in he runs for that dreaded low health spar pk. Just be quick with this kid and nothing to worry about though. Anyway he gets booted from TDL for being in like 10 guilds, and the dumbass has his pet, which is worth 50 of his beloved EP, in our members area meeting room. LOL Morbid says Magno wants it back he is sad he gonna tell Blitz. So we laugh and lol well look at the screenie

Click me for the screenie

Well we were all haveing fun when Blitz comes in and starts spying on us, says poor little guy, refering to the stupid pet, and gives it an apple. Well the apple gives stupid Magno pet some hunger points and we realize Blitz is gonna ruin all the fun. Since we can't rape it and starve it to death, we will hold it hostage for as long as possible. In warps Blitz, gives Magno 10 seconds to get pet, pet doesn't listen, we pk Magno. Repeated process....multiple times, in warps blitz and magno, out they warp, back in again, back out again. Wow! In pops Mysti, spoils all the fun. Stupid pet finally follows Magno out the door.

Good News!!!!!!
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: February 15, 2005

The TDL surprise is just about complete. As soon as Hawk and I figure out how to actually get the damn thing, we'll be rolling in no time. First some news.....

Now if you will think back to about 7 months ago you should remember a little blue penguin dude known as Morbid. He was quite a fellow. Worked his way up to one of TDL's highest rankings. Well, after a little communication and an update on the new beautiful things to come TDL's way....well I'll just let you read it for yourself...

gHeTtoBiZkIt911: well...
gHeTtoBiZkIt911: i think im coming out of retirment...
gHeTtoBiZkIt911: fortunatley for TDL the only reason i am coming back is in fact TDL so you guys will have my full attention

Yes you heard it right. XD Everybody soon get ready for the rebirth of one of TDL's most favorite members....MORBID!

On a side note I have some other information all of TDL needs to know. All accounts will probably be needed to be upgraded to a Gold Account. *sigh* Yes it ish true. Otherwise I don't think ya'll will be able to help out in the beginning of the surprise. :(

TDL's War Uniform
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: February 12, 2005

Hey Guys! Been a while since an update. A lot of our attention has been towards another thing that all of TDL knows. Don't worry guys we getting it soon. Keep it on the down low though, its a secret for all the other noobs out there. Anywayz Crazy and I pked all over UN for about an hour. Magno gets unjailed finally and we decide to include him in the fun. In pops Swifty and cheap shots me. So we play with the noob for about 10 minutes. He gets mad and wants to war. We likey da war. Check out the screenies posted in both ex tdl noobs and guild wars. Our War Uniform was decided mostly by Crazy. After all hes one hell of a fighter and well just kicks ass.

Jailed for a week
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: January 30, 2005

Lance has jailed me...our conversation follows below:

Opposite (1/30/2005 10:17:33 PM):

Hello! I have already spoken with Hawk, the link to your guild's website cannot
be advertised on Graal due to inappropriate content therein. Please remove it
from your profile.

You (1/30/2005 10:18:14 PM):

lmfao funny how now u finally speak to me when it is something that you want

Opposite (1/30/2005 10:18:45 PM):

I have no idea what you're talking about. Remove the link, please

You (1/30/2005 10:19:08 PM):

you have no idea what i am talking about?

You (1/30/2005 10:19:21 PM):

how about all the times i have tried to talk to you yet you ignore my pms

Opposite (1/30/2005 10:19:42 PM):

Here is our entire PM history:

Under Da Influence Rzr (TDL) (1/30/2005 7:19:04 PM):
how about all the times i have tried to talk to you yet you ignore my
Under Da Influence Rzr (TDL) (1/30/2005 7:18:51 PM):
you have no idea what i am talking about?
*Lance (1/30/2005 7:18:27 PM):
I have no idea what you're talking about. Remove the link, please
Under Da Influence Rzr (TDL) (1/30/2005 7:17:56 PM):
lmfao funny how now u finally speak to me when it is something that
you want
*Lance (1/30/2005 7:17:15 PM):
Hello! I have already spoken with Hawk, the link to your guild's
website cannot
be advertised on Graal due to inappropriate content therein. Please
remove it
from your profile.
Under Da Influence Rzr (TDL) (1/15/2005 6:18:53 PM):
Mass message:
how about legend shuts the hell up and pretends to be a legend on
called graal

Opposite (1/30/2005 10:19:58 PM):

I will check my other computer's, too.

You (1/30/2005 10:20:13 PM):

lmfao funny thats our whole history yet the last line is cut off in the middle of my

You (1/30/2005 10:20:31 PM):

u do that then come back to me

You (1/30/2005 10:20:55 PM):

and that is my website its my freedom of speech and theres no reason why it
should be deleted what is your reason for this to be deleted

Opposite (1/30/2005 10:21:46 PM):

There is one PM from you consisting of 'excuse me' on my other computer's
history. I did not see it, my apologies. You should have PMed me again.

Here's the scoop on the website: You can have whatever you want on your
website. However, when you advertise or link to it on Graal, it becomes
Graal's business. GraalOnline will not be used to advertise inappropriate

You (1/30/2005 10:22:50 PM):

this is inappropriate how so?

Opposite (1/30/2005 10:24:06 PM):

I went over it with Hawk already. Among other things, language not tolerated
on Graal is featured in the background music. He agreed that it would no
longer be advertised on Graal, and that he would tell his friends to stop as
well. You have one minute to remove it from your profile.

You (1/30/2005 10:26:06 PM):

thats great that u went over it with hawk already now your going over it with me

You (1/30/2005 10:26:54 PM):

number 1 the music is a song and we are allowed to play songs otherwise
songs would not be made, number 2 the language on the site u can find anyday
at almost anytime here in your little game of graal

Opposite (1/30/2005 10:29:26 PM):

Okay, so I'm discussing it with you now. In addition to the music, there are horrid
amounts of obscene and profane language on your website.

If you would like to report others for having such links, feel free to do so. We are
presently, however, dealing with you and yours. Your minute has expired,

You (1/30/2005 10:29:58 PM):

i agree the minute has expired but we are still in the process of the going over it

Opposite (1/30/2005 10:29:58 PM):

From jail you can only send PMs to admins (RCs).


jailed without a finished conversation, no settlement, the link stays

After another unfinished conversation the sentence was lowered to 10 hours.


"In addition to the music, there are horrid
amounts of obscene and profane language on your website. "

Maybe someone should show him a link to the Unholy Nations forums, or ANY forums on the internet. That is total bullshit, he can't punish us on his game for what we host on this site, unless they are willing to block EVERY single site out there (because a site without 'obsenity' of some type to someone doesn't exist).

This whole 'sensitivity to other people's feelings' thing is total crap dude =p

Anyways I wont remove it from my profile, I will however include a legal warning on the main page (where we link) that warns of mature content and to not continue unless over 18. Once over 18 Lance has absolutely NO power to say what people are allowed to see (I mean who the heck does he think he is?!)

If we link to that main page he has no power to stop us (since that main page doesn't have anything offending on it (and the music is by a black dude, tell him to block THEM from graalonline).

My rant is done =)


Swifty Ish Wimpy
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: January 28, 2005

Hey guys. Well it seems our newest recruit was the weeniest kid ever to date. 2 days this kid lasted, 2 days. His reason:

Left the Guild (removed self) (Reason: 'dont you tell me how to do shit and respect, you fucking prepubescent faggot. =/')

Wow, big words for such a little boy! LMFAO This kid threw a fit when I told him that in order to be in the guild he had to wear his tag. It seems that was just too hard for him. I know what probably happened, a lot of his long loved graal friends starting teasing and calling this pansy names. Then he took it to his heart, his little graal obsessed heart, and probably cried.

Wah they don't like me because I'm in the guild that kicked their ass. LMFAO Wah Under's a mean man, a prepubescent faggot man that turns me on and yelled at me cause he wouldn't have graal cyber buttsex with me. Wah I'm so into this game that what they say hurts me so deep down inside that I must leave one of the 1337est guilds on graal.

Well princess its quite alright lol I only used you as a test recruit to see what kind of kids are playing graal these days. You were gonna get the boot as soon as Hawk came on and we brought you into clevs to "test" you LMFAO ;) Thanks for showing us that TDL is so 1337, going on a year+, people like you can't even handle it. Stricter recruiting rules have been posted in the guild cp. Message Hawk or myself for more info.

ps. This kid was so into TDL he wanted to be oldskool TDL

and i quote...
"Guild message:
You know what we need to do? Get everyone on again. Like sub, lady and hawk at the same time."

Yeah that way you can actually see what it takes to be in TDL.

Too Much TDL Love? x.x
Poster: Hawk
Rank: Chief Assassin
Date: January 28, 2005

Today I was on for a while, and after hearing some nubs re-using TDL insults (we all get owned blah blah blah) I decided 'why not make a nice directory to list all the insults people like to say to TDL'... so what do I do? I mass out a request for ALL people who hate TDL to send me a pm telling me why they hate us, and I would host what they say on my site uncensored.

I massed this to over 150 people, and in 30 minutes I got exactly 3 PMs saying they hated us, and I got over 10 that said they liked us x.x

Here is what people hated about us from this mass (I did promise to host the list lol):

1. Submitted by funny12250:Blue
I hate TDL because all of the people in it think there better than everyone who
the fuck do they think they r? I will rip all of them into little tiny shreds

~We are better than you~ Under

2. Submitted by DimmuB:Dimmu
I hate TDL because I feel like it.

~You are a troubled young kid~ Under

3. Submitted by OasaTor_PK:OasaTor
Its jewish

~Last time I checked I was not Jewish~ Under

Now, isn't that a mind trip xD lol

Ah well, just a heads up... we have more fans than predicted ;)

The Infamous Dread Molest Video
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: January 19, 2005

LMFAO for some reason Helio's took this down off his website. What a crime, do you know how many little tiny innocent prepubescent girls out there that are now vulnerable to the gross pleasantly plump child corrupting hands of DREAD!! No that will not be tolerated. If you ever see Dread with a girl on graal odds are she will be barely 11 years old so quick direct her to this site. Sorry Dread, looks like you might be running out of graal ass soon. It is ok man your still fat so smile. As always thank you RD for creating this and starting the beginning of a wonderful series.

Click me for the video!

> News from Hawk <
Poster: Hawk
Rank: Chief Assassin
Date: January 16, 2005

Hey all, been a fsking long time since I have been able to chill wit you all =*(

However I bring tidings of great joy! I will be quitting my job in 2 weeks! =D

Yes, that means 24 hours a week free, and while alot of it will be taken up with college homework etc at least it guarantees I have some time to play graal wit my TDL bros.

In the meantime I am glad to see Under is still kicking ass along with the rest of you, keeping TDL active is of the utmost importance while I am gone (dont want it to die while the global guilds system is disabled x.x) so if you are TDL get your fsking tag on! >=o

Also we need to start recruiting, because once I get back we are going to do some serious asskicking... every time I manage to find time to go online there is at most 2 other TDL on, most of the time though there is none so I just chill out and do my own raping... but I have noticed lately noob guilds are trash talking us, this is not acceptable. We must return TDL to the feared and hated position it was at before our 4 months of almost total inactivity (no big wars, no big happenings).

I hope you all stay active (as I TRY to do lol) and continue to own all in the name of TDL, and I hope to see you all much more in a couple weeks =D

Hawk -=Chief Assassin=- (TDL)

Presenting easiest kid on graal....
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: January 10, 2005

Hey lookin for some free kills? Like watching a noob run? Wanna see one hell of a crybaby....lmfao check this kid out. His name is Darkshadow and his guild of choice Baddies. Got about 29 kills on this kid before he finally got me, then he ran to the water and said owned. LMFAO laughed my ass off ;) Check him out in the noob screenies. Thanks

First War of 2005!
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: January 2, 2005

Hey guys!
Long time no update eh? LMFAO I know we all been busy with the holidays, school, me moving, and everything else that has kept most of us from pwning on graal. Its kind of interesting, lately I have been staying in tcpk and its amazing who I see there. Hiro/Cheerio comes on most of the time, swims in the puddle, comes out to die, runs in the puddle and talks shit....LMFAO Kid if you gonna get owned at least stay out of the water. Anyway that has nothing to do with the subject. December 2nd I logged on from not playing for like 3 days and I see Lady. We go around pking then retire back to the homestead. We go in the members area, come back out and DBK is there, 13 hearts and all. Being trapped in a small space isn't really fair for 2 pkers v 2 apers. So we take their dumbasses to clevs....what...what did you say?? You guessed it pwnage. Check out the newest screenies. I know they all should of went in Noob screenies, but I'll cut cyclone a break for now.

All of a sudden in the middle of the war they called another noob in to fight with them, which in the end turned against them and fought with us. 3 of them it took to lame me, and cyclone said everything I said to him and threw it back at me. Is it really that hard for that kid to think of his own shit to talk?

Updated News....
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: October 23, 2004

OMFG I'm so excited.....whoa simmer down. I'll get to that in a second. Well I haven't been active that much recently because work has been draining the shit outta me. My schedule is pretty much sleep, wake up, go to work, see girlfriend, repeat. Yeah kinda sucky except I love being with MJ. In case you didn't know she got banned for calling NeoJenova a nigger. Anyway guys guess what!!! I GOT THE STILTS!!! FINALLY!!! LMFAO I have been saving and saving EP for those damn stilts ever since I saw SLA with them. NOW I GOT THEM. Hawk would probably have them too if he was more active! We need you man, we need you back like you used to be. Yeah school sucks work sucks blah blah blah but TDL dude. You gotta come back to the way you were. Everynight pwnage with me, u, and TDL. Later guys...

TDL Invades The Cherry Residence
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: October 14, 2004

Hey guys,
Here's what happened....This kid was like hey cool man can i be in TDL (this is not exactly how it went but give me a break) and i was like quit your guilds >8( He said I'll leave all but one....fine you wanna be like that, you gotta go through initiation. Check it out in the noob screenies section. Sorry kid you cool but I had to coach you through the whole process for the screenie ;) <3 Thanx...

Guild House Uploaded!!!
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: October 3, 2004

Finally, seems like forever ago that our guild house was *copied*, so we spiced it up and got it reuploaded! Took about a month to get uploaded after we sent it in, but happiness comes with patience. Check it out its in delta to the upper right of our old guildhouse.

There are a few errors that must be fixed: TDL Only Access to our chairs in the spar must be corrected as with making a larger barrier so no one can use a car and glitch into our seats ;)

In the statue room i accidently added a retarded quitting doofus to our statues so he will be removed...replaced?
Also at the bottom of the level there are a few tile errors by the door.

Well thats all that really needs to be fixed, other than that we have TDL only access to the 3rd floor which leads to our meeting room and future member rooms. Not only that but there will be a few more surprises added to the TDL only places.

We've waited and waited and waited and waited, now go have fun ;) Thanks

ps. there are 2 things that happened as soon as our guildhouse was uploaded, check both screenies out in the noob section

Mass Wars
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: September 27, 2004

Last night on UN, TDL got involved in yet another mass message war. Suddenly they didn't know what to say, and there was a hush of silence. Funny how no matter what kind of war we have, we still kick their asses! Thanks..

roflmao too true bro... too true xD


TDL Starts New Chronicle
Poster: Hawk
Rank: Chief Assassin
Date: September 21, 2004

In light of the actions of the last few weeks Under and I have decided to start a new chronicle for TDL, here I have outlined the new chronicle and I highly recommend you read it... it will more than likely decide your future with TDL =p

New Chronicle Outline -

Current Membership: All members that are deemed as totally loyal to TDL and mature will be kept, anyone who isn't deemed totally loyal or mature will be booted and banned PERMANENTLY.

TDL will become a hardkore guild, this means that even though we already have tough standards we are going to make them tougher. Here is a breakdown of some areas where you will need to excel:

1. Sparring - Any and every TDL member should be at least a decent sparrer, by default this means a STEADY rate of at LEAST 1200. This is the MINIMUM, NO TDL CAN BE BELOW 1200 RATE (that means no selling rate). If your skillz are 1200+ but you just like being below 1200 rate then tough luck your booted, either keep the rate up or find another guild.

2. Group/Independant PKing - Any and every TDL member should excel at fighting as a team as well as fighting solo. If that means raping nubs or raping p2p's it makes no difference the bottom line is they must be raped, if you are too timid to do this, lack the skillz to accomplish this, or just dont 'feel' like doing this then you are in the wrong guild.

3. Defending TDL - Any and every TDL member should defend TDL both verbally AND physically, this means if someone is pause laming or just laming in general feel free to lame the hell out of them (rape them in other words) and also berate them verbally. DO NOT TAKE INSULTS PERSONALLY, rather laugh them off and verbally harrass those who have problems with TDL until they log off.

As you can see many TDL already meet the requirements, however in recent weeks/months TDL has been losing alot of commitment from previously-thought-loyal members. Primarily those who MGed (multiguilded) claiming they held more loyalty to TDL, well as I have said time and time again you cannot share loyalties. From now on TDL is no MG AT ALL, I have no other guilds, Under has no other guilds, our MAs have no other guilds, you will have no other guilds, or you will be booted and banned.

Booting Policy: In recent months we have been rather easy-going when it came to getting back into TDL, this will no longer be the case. Once booted you are out for at least 1 month for first offence, after that it is a permanent ban. Once you have been banned the ONLY way you can rejoin TDL is to perform two acts (can be graal/not graal related, whatever the Assassins Council decides), however the Assassins Council can refuse to offer you the chance of rejoining at any time and the Chief Assassin can veto any decision made by the Assassins Council at any time.

Promotions/Demotions: Promotions will be given at the Assassins Council's discretion and NOT ONLY BASED ON PERSONAL SKILL, just because you can pk better than someone does NOT mean you deserve a promotion. Anyone that complains about their own or someone else's promotion will be demoted and/or booted/banned. Demotions are merely a disciplinary action, they are not temporary however. Once demoted you must earn back your prior rank, the only exception to this rule is if the Assassins Council decides to place you back early. Complaining about a demotion MAY result in you being booted, inquiring as to WHY you were demoted however is perfectly fine and well within your rights... Do not abuse this or you may be furthur demoted or booted.

Recruitment: In this new chronicle of TDL THERE WILL BE NO RECRUITMENT except in VERY rare circumstances by the Chief Assassin or Assassin, the ONLY way new TDL may join our guild is by completing the following process -

- The Mentor System -

1. The recruit must meet the requirements of every TDL member (found at
2. The recruit must have a current TDL member (ranked Legionaire or higher) agree to be his/her 'mentor'
3. They must follow the instructions of their mentor as their mentor IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF THE RECRUIT, this means if you are a mentor YOU are responsible if your recruit betrays TDL.
4. The recruit must be trained by the mentor in the ways of TDL, and must be trained for a period of no less than 2 weeks. During this time the recruit will be a Level 1 member (Trial).
5. After the mentor believes his recruit is ready for assessment he must make an appointment with the Assassins Council for a testing.
6. The recruit must pass 3 seperate tests WITHOUT HIS MENTOR'S HELP -
a) Recruit must spar a TDL member (chosen by the Assassins Council) and get him to a pre-determined health or lower
b) Recruit must hunt down and rape (laming is permitted to destroy target's morale) at least 1 P2P in the presence of at least 1 Assassins Council member
c) Recruit must have a meeting with the Chief Assassin and Assassin, who will then question the recruit until they determine where his loyalties lie and whether he has recieved enough training in our ways.

7. If the recruit passes the prior test he is awarded a promotion to Legionaire and is no longer the responsibility of his mentor, he may then choose to mentor someone but only if he has been with TDL for 3 weeks or more.

Those are the ways of the new chronicle, if you have any more questions/comments PM or email me and I will try and answer them as best I can.

The Legion will never die, keep crying kiddies.

~ Hwk Rzr

Recently Pwnt!
Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: September 18, 2004

Hey! If you guys have been active for the past couple of days you would have witnessed the recent pwnage of TDL's most dedicated enemies. Somehow these kids defy the basic concepts of gameing! You play a game, you advance in skill, you pick on the new kids. LMFAO What are these kids thinking. Hiro what are you thinking LMFAO! I don't know why but somehow you and your lil graal friends just seem to be getting easier and easier.

Poster: Under Da Influence
Rank: Assassin
Date: September 17, 2004

Hey Guys,
What do you think of the new outline of the site. I LOVE IT!!! XD Hawk you are the man. My Reality Check section needs to be updated so I am going to get going on it. How does Beandip's Reality Check part 2 sound? Looks like the lil weenie didn't learn the first time. ;)

Almost Done
Poster: Hawk
Rank: Chief Assassin
Date: September 16, 2004

Thats right, I worked my perverbial ass off and actually did MORE than I planned on doing tonight =)

Check it out, all the sidebar areas but the last 3 are completed and ready for you to use. The screenshots database has currently 76 screenshots stored (that I entered myself... omg it was repetitive) and I will add the remaining 30 or so tomorrow, if you have screenies then you can also submit them xD

Anyways I gotta go get some sleep, I am fighting a cold and want to win.


Site Under Construction
Poster: Hawk
Rank: Chief Assassin
Date: September 15, 2004

So far so good, this is mainly just a test of the news.... I got alot of work to do yet on this =o

What I want up ASAP is the Admin area, admin logins, NewsCP, Screenshots, Screenshot submission, and ScreenshotCP.

If all goes well I will have most of that done tonight.

Hide Old News

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