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Poster: Hawk
Rank: Chief Assassin
Date: May 17, 2009

Alright, so it's been a long time since I've posted news but that is mainly due to my own inactivity.

I just got FawcettSoftware back online which means TDL's site is also now back online after a very long break. There are some pictures missing from the archives and I have no idea where they went, we should start repopulating what we can so if you have old backup images that you know are missing please send them to

As for the guild, UDI is reconciled and part of us once again. We aren't the most active these days but my two younger brothers are trying to change that along with some of the hardcore oldbies! Look for them online, they will be wearing their tags and usually can be found in TCPK or the TC spar.

-=! TDL4Life !=-

Poster: Hawk
Rank: Chief Assassin
Date: April 3, 2008

The Legion has been betrayed, by our closest most trusted member. Under Da Influence, enraged/hurt/whatever by Ludacris's accusations, took out the whole guild before himself. This left us in suspension, and unable to even use our tags.

To add insult to injury, he claimed 'long live the legion' in his self-removal comments. But then he joined our ancient foes, BTK. How ironic, the one who was once a rebel, was once harrassing staff, harrassing dread, harrassing BTK. Is now one and the same with them (at least, according to some people. I have yet to talk with UDI).

The Assassins Council has been populated with the oldbies, and will never again be under a single leader. The council will be in power of all matters, this cannot be allowed to happen again. Until this situation is resolved TDL is in a 'resting' state, we will only keep a minimal number of members and try our best to work out our internal troubles.

This is a very dark day for the legion, a sad day, but we will get through it. You can't stop the legion.

Don't mess with us, join us. Long live the legion!

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