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Ever trying to create the 'perfect game', yet consistently finding out that I will not be able to create it using VB :) Yes, the constant need for more power has forced me to learn new languages and new ways of doing things, the most recent creation of mine due to this is Warshire... and before that Dark Realms.
After Warshire I plan on starting a OOP-driven RPG with online capabilities, think of it as Dark Realms on steroids and powered by C++ as opposed to VB ;)
Yeah I know, it has a droolage factor of 10 lol
Simon Gavin (Happy Hour)

2 years ago programming was the last thing i would have ever though about, even computers werent one of my obessions, well now ive somehow seemed to get into it and actualy enjoy it. and if i can do it mostly anyone can do it except maybe a few of the real deadshits out there
Michael Noble (Ultramar)
Game Design/Management

No description needed, I'm just that �ber.

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