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Official Website for TDL - Site dedicated to the Graal guild TDL, pwnt foos ;)

Graal People - Site dedicated to Graal and the people of Graal

Graal Official Site - Download client, get an account, etc

Haro41's Site - Great gfx guy, check out some of his work here =)

Vote for us!

Graal Online - Vote for us!

Link to us!

Link to us

Order Staff by:
Nick Position Server Rating
Unknown GP Unholy Nation 3
Mysti GP Chief Unholy Nation 5
Hardkore ex-Staff Unholy Nation 4
NeoJenova Unknown Unholy Nation 3
Bam Unknown Unholy Nation 3
Disturbed Limit ex-Staff Unholy Nation 2
Spryte Unknown Unholy Nation 4

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