"An honest man can feel no pleasure in the exercise of power over his fellow citizens." - Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826)

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View Evidence ( Article # 16 )
Author: HardTerrorist Rate: 3 ( Bad Corruption )
Date Submitted: August 18, 2004 Date Approved: August 19, 2004
Target: Spryte ( View ) IP:
Comments: Well, they can say anything they want, But we cant!

  *Spryte (GP Chief) (8/18/04 9:55:17 PM):
I'm always warning her to stop the swearing over masses
Hardterrorist (8/18/04 9:54:24 PM):
Warned? You jailed my friend buffy.
Hardterrorist (8/18/04 9:53:57 PM):
I see him say nigger everyday and nothing happens.
*Spryte (GP Chief) (8/18/04 9:53:41 PM):
I saw it. He's warned.
*Spryte (GP Chief) (8/18/04 9:53:04 PM):
What makes you assume that I wouldn't jail people from BTK? It's
annoying when people say that. I would and HAVE jailed many
people from BTK, including my "friend" Hardkore.
Hardterrorist (8/18/04 9:51:45 PM):
Your also missing a someone saying the n word.
Hardterrorist (8/18/04 9:50:57 PM):
What makes you think that?
*Spryte (GP Chief) (8/18/04 9:50:31 PM):
You're really ignorant... Just stop.
Hardterrorist (8/18/04 9:50:09 PM):
Sorry, ill use smaller words.
*Spryte (GP Chief) (8/18/04 9:49:54 PM):
Hardterrorist (8/18/04 9:49:41 PM):
Ok ill give you one, like you give your BTK buddys.
*Spryte (GP Chief) (8/18/04 9:48:36 PM):
... Give me a break. I jail whoever I see.
Hardterrorist (8/18/04 9:48:05 PM):
Thats a lie!
*Spryte (GP Chief) (8/18/04 9:47:33 PM):
He isn't on? I haven't seen him swear over masses
Hardterrorist (8/18/04 9:46:56 PM):
Your friend hardkore says stuff all the time, why isnt he jailed?
*Spryte (GP Chief) (8/18/04 9:46:39 PM):
You'll get jailed

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