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View Evidence ( Article # 18 )
Author: Hawk Rate: 3 ( Bad Corruption )
Date Submitted: May 5, 2006 Date Approved: May 5, 2006
Target: Unknown ( View ) IP:
Comments: Okay, this speaks for itself but to give some background.

Dread vs TDL happened, and about 5 TDL are jailed as a result (since Dread so enjoys whining to staff and globals to get his way done). As a result we question the validity of our jail time and this GP has no justifiable reason. Maybe doing yet another favor for the pedophile king?

  Opposite (Wed Feb 15 151029 2006)

Mass message
Take agruements to PM's. Cussing, Racistsexual comments,
and anything of that sort will get you jailed.
No Warnings after this message, immediate jail.

You (Wed Feb 15 152037 2006)

can you read this

Opposite (Wed Feb 15 152059 2006)

Yeah, obviously

You (Wed Feb 15 152252 2006)

well, I have no clue if your RC or not =p

don't be a smartass

So why was I jailed without warning I login, my coleader is jailed, I learn
from other members the situation, dread is bragging, I call him out, I get
jailed Are you retarded What kind of GP are you How long you been
playing graal dude 2 months

You (Wed Feb 15 153358 2006)

ok I dunno who jailed Dread, but GJ hahahahhaaaa

Opposite (Wed Feb 15 153457 2006)

I did. I also jailed you for the reason of swearing on mass', and
talking on a subject which I warned for it to not be talked about.

You (Wed Feb 15 153539 2006)

I didn't swear,and I wasn't warned. I logged in, and massed, and was jailed

You (Wed Feb 15 154207 2006)

did you know avoiding jail by logging into another account is bannable,
according to NJ and Okilian AND Spryte at least (I been jailedbanned for it

Opposite (Wed Feb 15 154336 2006)

This is the history of your mass.
Jailed (Wed Feb 15 171627 2006)
Mass message
oo big bad Dread bein a lil whore, how many
did you have to give to
get him banned hahaha

Your a loser, a pedophile, and you should go die
somewhere.. maybe a total
stranger reading the orbituary would feel sorry for your
loss, as it stands your a
waste of good air

You (Wed Feb 15 154401 2006)

never did I use a swear =p whore is not a swear, neither is gummers

You (Wed Feb 15 154422 2006)

and he is outright challenging you guys, are you his biatches or are you gonna
do your job and ban a jail evader

Opposite (Wed Feb 15 154535 2006)

Whore actually IS a swear, and I also warned about harrasment,
and argueing over mass massages.

You (Wed Feb 15 154612 2006)

you didn't warn when I was online

whore is a definitive term, its in the dictionary, it is not a curse word

You (Wed Feb 15 154734 2006)

UN has a rep for having the most corrupt staff, made up of the most immature
people possible, is that you

Opposite (Wed Feb 15 154745 2006)

The word Bitch is also inthe dictionary, yet it is still offencive as
is whore.

You (Wed Feb 15 154857 2006)

the term white, black, yellow, hell with it the term pepsi could be seen as
offensive. Use some common sense and stop being a god damn puppet, grow
some balls and then let them drop


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